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    ¿Cuáles son tus jabones favoritos? Ya puedes personalizar tu pack regalo Essabó y disfrutar de un 10% de descuento en tu compra. Selecciona tus 3 jabones favoritos y prepara un…

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  • Perfume-free Essabó 120g


    Perfume-free Essabó is an eco-bath soap that is free of allergens from perfumes or essences. Its base is made with sustainably farmed coconut oil and olive oil from Spanish bio-crops.…

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  • Essential Essabó 120g


    Esential Essabó is a cosmetic bath soap aromatised with essential oils of lavender, cinnamon and orange. Its base is made with sustainable farmed coconut oil and with olive oil from…

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  • Biobel Liquid Detergent 1,5L


    A powerful ecological liquid detergent scented with essential oil of lavender; ideal for machine washing all types of clothes. It gives your wash a pleasant and lasting natural aroma. Furthermore,…

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  • Biobel Babies and Delicate Fabrics 1,5L


    This ecological detergent made with authentic natural coconut oil soap is ideal for washing all types of fabric by hand or machine washing. Due to its impressive softness, this soap…

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  • Biobel Stain Remover Soft Soap 750mL


    Soft soap for easy use. Effective stain remover made with plant oils. Its powerful formula removes chafing and persistent stains in all types of clothes (especially grease stains) while caring…

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  • Biobel Coconut Soap 240g


    The ecological Coconut Soap is a handcrafted bar of soap made with a 100% coconut oil base and scented with essential oil of lavender. It is ideally suited for hand-washing…

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  • Biobel Oxygen Whitener 1Kg


    Sodium percarbonate, better known as washing soda, is a powerful natural stain remover, whitener, disinfectant and deodorizer for clothes. Added to your machine wash it assists your detergent, or, when…

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  • Biobel Washing-up Liquid 1L


    Effective ecological washing-up liquid, scented with essential oil of lemon, which naturally cleans, removes grease and polishes all types of kitchen utensils. What is more, its formula contains vegetable glycerine,…

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  • Biobel Household Cleaner 1L


    Powerful multi-use concentrated ecological cleaner. Thanks to its carefully made and singular formula of naturally denatured vegetable alcohol and the essential oil of citronella, it deep cleans and perfumes your…

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  • Biobel Glass Cleaner 750mL


    It is an ecological formula based exclusively on naturally denatured plant alcohol, which cleans, degreases and polishes windows, mirrors and all types of surfaces with leaving any marks. It can…

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  • Biobel Dishwasher Gel 1L


    Single dose all-in-one ecological tablets that naturally clean and remove grease. Their hydro-soluble wrapper is biodegradable in water and so waste free. Unperfumed. Natural detergent certified by ECOCERT Greenlife according…

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